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I've made the move to my own new studio! Thank you Fig Family for all the support and love. I'm truly blessed to have worked with some amazing creative people! With my new beginning I'm excited to share my new space and design (with the help of my also creative friends and their sweat and time) I hope my already awesome clients enjoy the relaxing space while I get to share my on going passion for hair!



Fall has made it. I see the change in the leaves, fall and winter clothes in the shops, and the ordering of pumpkin lattes in tote. I've also noticed my clients coming in for fall change ups. Some know exactly what they want, while I work with others to revive their summer color. For my balayage and ombre clients I've been adding the trending baby lights to the hair. (very fine hilights) These give a slight contrast at the root, blending into a already diffused lighter bottom. Glosses are in! With the low maitenance of balayage and ombre I feel the its easy to forget that though your root might not need to be touched up, an all over gloss can revive and freshen up your hair and also add shine and even depth if you want it. Just because it's fall doesn't mean you have to go dark. Even the men are becoming platinum blondes, from gold sandy blondes, to elsa white blondes, go with what makes you happy, break the rules and have fun. low pony tails, french twists, and heavy side parts. style and play.

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